The company specializes in consulting projects related to the needs of defense and internal security, especially in the area of the creation of conceptual solutions in the field of:

Equipment and weapons

Our team consists of specially prepared in the field of technique and armament familiar with the most modern achievements in this area. Our business consists of:

Consultation in the field of contemporary trends in the development of military equipment and armament. Determining the most suitable product with regard to the specific requirements of the individual user

Military and police communication systems, surveillance, reconnaissance and control

Consultations in field of use and integration of advanced communication solutions and technology. Developments in the field of C4I solutions, surveillance, video, battlefield and intelligence systems, etc. components and complete solutions.

Education and training

Preparation of training programs tailored the specifics of the particular applicant, as well as their implementation by qualified and certified instructors.

Budget planning

Planning funds for implementation of specific projects in all areas of the security and defense prioritization of implementation of these projects, as well as delivery of relevant marketing information for international markets. Qualified assistance in the field of financial management and planning logistics.